iOS Deployment Target

How is the default deployment target worked out ? It says 14.6, but I dont think I have it installed.

If I try and import an sdk from xcode, it says 14.5 is installed.


This should apply only for macOS (and Mac Catalyst); if not set, it uses the current installed OS version (fixed for this week, to use .0 on macOS 11 and later, and for Catalyst).

The idea was that if you install the macOS 10.15 SDK on, say. macOS 10.14, it was annoying you couldn’t run your apps w/o manually setting the deployment target, so it assumes tour current version.

with 11.x this changes slightly, as even with, say, 11.3 installed, you’d wanna build for 11.0 (since we don’t ship deployment target support for each subversion); that’s what i fixed this week.

Sorry I asked about iOS, is this also applicable ? I tried creating a new iOS app on my intel mac and it appears to choose differently

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 12.50.48 PM

For Mac Catalyst, yes.