iOS Project with Mercury shows double UITableViewCellStyle items

Fire using Mercury

I’m not sure if this is a bug or by design, but something I noticed is that the looking at the UITableViewCellStyle options, it seems to show each item twice (although one set of items is prefixed with “UITableViewcellStyle”.)

I don’t know if it makes a difference, but this is a project created via the “TableView Application (iOS)” template on Fire with “Use Elements RTL” selected.


That’s as designed, yes. there’s the official Objective-C name (which is prefixed, because ObjC doesn’t “namespace” enums, and theres the “pretty” name that omits the shared prefix (or suffix, in some cases).

I suppose an argument could be made for hiding one half from CC…

I wondered if it was something like that. I don’t think it is necessarily bad, although I will admit I spent some time googling and trying out different options to see if there was a difference. If that’s how you are doing it for other languages already it is probably fine, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something weird going on specific to Mercury.

It might be nice if it was documented somewhere, and maybe it is but I didn’t find it. (Maybe on the Code Completion documentation for Fire/Water? I dunno…)


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