IpSuperTcpClientChannel reconnect problem


(afree) #1

I have attached a sample file.

  1. run ROServer(DATestServer)
  2. execute ROClient(DATest)
  3. login ROClient(DATest)
  4. terminate ROServer and run again
  5. When login again in the ROClient, no response for a long time, and later the “SuperChannel timeout” exception occurs.

How can reconnect without no response, exception?

Visual studio 2017, Remobjects for .Net


DATest.zip (2.1 MB)

(EvgenyK) #3

our .NET expert will review this issue next week. he has day off today

(antonk) #4


You need to fix several issues in the testcase to get the auto-reconnect feature working (all changes should be done client-side):

  1. DataModule.clientChannel - property AutoReconnect should be set to true. Obviously auto-reconnect feature cannot work when it is disabled
  2. DataModule, method clientChannel_OnDisconnected - this method should NOT contain any long-running code if you plan to use the auto-reconnection feature. This event handler is executed in the middle of channel reconnection process, so if it contains any GUI or other long-running code, then it can cause side-effects and connection failures. Comment out all code from this method.

This will allow client app to reconnect to the server once it becomes available again. I’ve tried to stop and restart the server app and the client app was able to retrieve data from it after server restart.