Is compilation as slow as Xcode for Swift projects?


(Maksim Piriyev) #1

Is compilation as slow as xcode does for swift projects ?
when it comes to swift do you use apple compiler?

(marc hoffman) #2

Of course thats a rather blanket statement, and speed depends one a lot of factors. But in general, Elements does not have the slow (and high CPU load) compile times that Apple Swift has. It’s compatible to Objective-C, for Cocoa projects.

No. We use our own front-end fore all four languages (regardless of target platform), that’s based on 15+ years of solid compiler technology. We use different back-ends deepening on the platform — for Cocoa and Island we use LLVM in the back-end, which the the same (open source) compiler back-end that Xcode uses too (for Swift and for Objective-C), for .NET and Java we have our own back-ends.


(Maksim Piriyev) #3

so if I use swift I will get similar compilation time with xcode am i right? (as all the compilation is done in backend)

(marc hoffman) #4

No, totally not. Our Swift compiler has nothing to do with Apple’s Swift compiler. Apple’s speed problems are in the front-end. LLVM is a fast and reliable back-end that pretty much everybody in the industry uses for CPU-native code.

Just try it and see what speeds you get?

(Maksim Piriyev) #5

Could you write the steps how to enable showing build time in Fire ?

(marc hoffman) #6

Preferences (Command+,). Third tab, set Build Log Verbosity to Diagnostic. Close dialog. Press Command+Option+B to show the build log. Then build. At the and of the log there’ll be a statistic summary of which build phase took how long.