Is .gradle goofing up my Windows 10 "File History"?

I have a folder that starts with “.gradle”. I don’t know what it is or where it came from or what it’s purpose is, but I think I installed it or it got installed when I was trying to do some Android programming with Remobject’s Oxygene.

Now I have noticed that my “File History” backups are not working. Lots of folders don’t seem to be there to restore from. If I look at the external My Book Duo drive in File Explorer, I see the missing folders. But when I try to restore, they don’t show up in the dialog.

I’m guessing from stuff I read on the web, that folders that start with “.” might be causing problems. Apparently that is used by Android systems, but may be confusing Windows.

When I looked in the File History error log, I do see this:

File was not backed up due to its full path exceeding MAX_PATH limit or containing unsupported characters:


If you want it to be protected, try using different directory and file names.

I even told File History to “exclude” all the folders that started with “.” such as “.gradle”, but it still got the same error message.

Is there something I can do in Oxygene, like somehow rename these folders and tell Oxygene they have been renamed so there isn’t that conflict? In the meantime, I basically have no backups from “File History” :frowning:

Gradle is used buy yhjr default Android tool chain, an dused to be used by Elements as well (it no longer is). Unless you also work with Android Studio, you should be able to safely delete C:\Users[username].gradle` and it won’t affect Elements.

Welcome to Windows :wink:

That’d be between the File History tool (which I’m not familiar with) and whats on your disk.