Is it possible to create an RO SDK client for a non RO SDK soap service?


I have a client that wants me to integrate with their existing SOAP service but it’s not something that I’ve done before. Whenever I’ve needed to communicate between devices I’ve always used RO SDK client/server. I’m trying to follow the documentation online but it is all looking like gibberish to me.

Visual Studio 2019/C#


At first I have to mention that there are WSDL tools shipped with Visual Studio:

  1. wsdl command line tool. This tool can read a WSDL file and generate a service proxy files for it.

  2. For .NET Framework projects right click the References node in the solution explorer and select the Add Service Reference command. It also allows to generate service proxies for provided WSDL file.

  3. Steps for importing WSDL via Remoting SDK:
    3.1. Import WSDL as RODL using Service Builder: Edit -> Import -> Import SOAP Web Service
    3.2. Validate imported RODL: Tools -> Check Library for Problems
    3.3. Generate _Intf files and use them

Please note that for SOAP message you need to properly set its mode (RPCLiteral, RPCEncoding or DocumentEncoding) and options (SerializationOptions property of the message)


I tried doing it with plain Visual Studio and it doesn’t work. Thought maybe this would work better.

Could you tell what exactly did not work? This might help if you run into any issues with RO SDK client

Sorry I neglected to reply sooner. The problem turned out to be on their end despite their insistence that it wasn’t.

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isn’t it always :wink: