Is it possible to unbind keys in Water?

So on some keyboards the right “Alt” key is labeled “Alt Gr” and (while it seems like it’s possible to diferentiate, many programs can’t) pressing it is like pressing “ctrl+alt”.

Now to type { the combination on my specific keyboard is “Alt Gr+B” which does the same thing as if I pressed “Ctrl+Alt+B”. This is of course the combination that shows the build log in Water.

This basically results in being unable to write a { without switching the keyboard layout to english. (which moves the { to the same key as on english keyboards, but messes up everything else)

I realize people that use english keyboard layouts don’t know about this and it shows as a whole lot of IDE’s have a similar problem. I usually get arround it by changing (or disabling) those key bindings, but I can’t seem to find an option to do so in Water.

Is it possible to do it and am I just missing something or are those combinations hardcoded?



Curious. I need to admit that it’s been a decade or more since i used a German keyboard on anything, probably longer for Windows, so I;m unfamiliar with Alt Gr vs regular Alt. I’ll need to do some research how WPF handles these.

I take yet would be fine if Alt+<whatever> keeps working as is, as long as AltGr+<whatever> would pass thru as a regular keypress and type a letter, right?

Right now, there’s no option to override key bindings, I’m afraid, no. I’ll need to fox this by handling Alt Gr properly.


Thanks, logged as bugs://81931

Initial research shows that it won’t be possible, it seems AltGr is indistinguishable from Alt+Ctrl :(. Guess I’ll just have to rework the keyboard scheme in general to accommodate for that :(.

A shame, because on Windows I’m already one key down over Mac (Ctrl vs Command) in terms of shortcut flexibility :(.

I’ve changed the handful for Ctrl+Alt+Letter shortcuts to alternatives (Ctrl+Alt+ or Ctrl+Shift) for 2373 and later — please let me know if this works better for you.

If you’d like, I can send you a new interim build later today.


Thanks but considering I’m using the free community license I don’t feel it would be right. I’ll just wait for the next release or when I manage to save enough money for a full license.

Much appreciated though.

Na, no worries. I’ve uploaded a new build for you to Personal Downloads.


Thank you. It makes a big difference in usability.

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bugs://81931 got closed with status fixed.