Is tdate type supported in remobjects

Just wonder if is there a way to use Delphi tdate type in remobjects functions instead of tdatetime?

It seems not work with parameters and results and the service tester did not allow it. That make it difficult to test with date time parameter that only accept numbers.

The question is because i am converting some datasnap services and txsxdata services, and i have a ton of functions with tdate parameters.

I guess if i replace tdate with tdatetime with not harm the function itself but i am trying to preserve the code as i found it.

Best regards.


You can’t use TDate instead of TDateTime because serialization/deserialization support only TDateTime type.

Why you can’t use TDateTime type as parameters and convert it to TDate in your methods? The same - convert it back to TDateTime when you should return results

It is clear now, thanks for the quick response, i will do that.