Island COM: Interface with implementation in Delphi Object

Sometime ago, you mentioned that we can define an Island COM interface, but implement it in a Delphi object. I wasn’t able to dig out that old post. I recall that there was a bug at the time preventing doing so. I wasn’t able to locate the bug ID.

Is it fixed now? Or you have some updated insights on this matter? Thank you very much.

I think that was fixed. Just make sure the two interfaces match in Delphi and Island. Remember that COM uses stdcall (you’ll have to add it in Delphi, in Island the COM attribute takes care of it) and that Delphi won’t allow an interface as return value, without safecall. Ah, don’t use String, use OleStr in Delphi and OleString in Island.

Thank you @joseasl

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