Island: DEBUG config working fine, RELEASE config all access violations

Island/Windows, Latest Build 2482, as of Today.

The test project for my TensorFlow-Island project runs fine with DEBUG config, but generated all kinds of access violation under RELEASE config.

To replicate, clone the repository and run Test project, under RELEASE config

Apology for not able to provide a simpler test project, but I really need your help. This compiler stuff is beyond my expertise. @ck @mh

Note that an AV does not necessarily constitute a compiler bug (eve if specific to an optimization level). Any chance I can trouble you to narrow down what actually crashes, first?


Understand. What baffles me is - the DEBUG config does NOT give any AVs. Only RELEASE config does. The last time I had this type of errors was when I worked with FORTRAN - long time ago for old time’s sake. :open_mouth:

The crashes happened at a list of locations accessing arrays. But again, this only happens with RELEASE config. Source codes are the same (and no conditional compiling).

It’s entirely possible to have a bug in code that gets hidden by not optimizing. (it’s also entirely possibly that this is a compiler bug, of course).


I created a smaller test project, removing unrelated stuff. Hope this would make it easier for you to replicate the issue: that is, DEBUG config runs fine, RELEASE config gives access violation.

The test project can be downloaded from here - many thanks.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://83934

Thanks! It really seems to be something in test. Which is curious. Everything else works. Enabling any form of debug fixes it too.

We narrowed it down a bit more. If you add [used] to the test methods it works. Obviously this isn’t the solution but can serve as a workaround.

iT’s a compiler issue yes; i’ll be trying to fix it soon.

bugs://83934 got closed with status fixed.