Island Debugger Crashes at Overloaded Method in Call Stack

Test Project:

Can you elaborate on “crash the debugger”? what happens exactly? Does the same hoopoe in Water, or just VS?


Correction: It is not that debugger crashes - it is actually the Program being debugged crashes.

This happens deterministicly each time I clicked the overloaded method inside the call stack.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84066


Unfortunately we can’t reproduce the problem with the attached testcase. Could you confirm that you still have the crash? If so - could you describe exact steps to get it, please? Do you have only two breakpoints in application, both in &Const method?

Hi @elenap

Thank you for working on this.

I just checked and - I can confirm that, with latest Element Build 2495, the problem appears FIXED. That is, I NO LONGER have this crash.

Thank you again.

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bugs://84066 got closed with status nochangereq.