Island Import Project cannot be loaded by Visual Studio?

The import project can be loaded by Water, but when I tried to load the project into Visual Studio 2019, I got the following error:

error : The “Target” item metadata name is reserved, and cannot be used.

@mh Advice?

Import.7z (25.3 KB)

Yes, Visual Studio does not currently support multi-target projects, and Import projects use that syntax (even if they are single target). Your best option is to use Water.

Note your projects can still have a project reference to the Import Project, and open in VS, as long as the Import project itself isn’t opened.

Understand. Would it be possible that some future edition of Visual Studio Element plugin support multi-target projects?

I use Visual Studio as a single point of IDE to mix C++/Fortran/Elements in one solution file, hence it would be really nice that Visual Studio can also open Import project. Not something super critical, though.

Hopefully, yes.