Island needs an external C/C++ compiler on Windows?

(Willy Aguilera) #1

Sorry I’m new to Elements and need help with this problem. I 've installed the command line compiler only, on Windows, not Visual Studio, and tried to compile the Island Swift mandelbrot app and the result was a mandelbrot.o file, an object file, I think, but the linker didn’t run.
My question is an external C/C++ compiler is expected? which one? MinGW or Visual C++?, which versions?
Sorry my English, please.

(marc hoffman) #2

short answer: no. Island can compile straight to a .exe, a .dll or a static .lib, depending on your project type. the .o is an intermediary step, before it gets linked. how are you building project? i believe to get the full chain, including link, you will need to use msbuild, not just elements.exe, as that just does the compile phase. Carlo will have more on this, tomorrow.

(Carlo Kok) #3

Right. Island includes a linker of it’s own that works on all the platforms we support.

(Willy Aguilera) #4

Thank you very much. I used elements.exe only and not msbuild. Now I compile all examples in Island well. Many Thanks.