Island RTL inside Blazor project

We want to use Island inside a Blazor web application (based on .Net Core 2.0) so that we can execute code like:

var obj = RemObjects.Elements.WebAssembly.Eval('GetObjectFromJavaScript()');

We checked out the sample ‘Web Module w/CodeBehind (WebAssembly)’ which uses Island but we do not understand how we can bring over this code into a Blazor application. We cannot add Island.fx to the dependencies of the project, neither is there a Island.dll availble.
Do you have a hint for us on how to proceed?


Blazor is a Microsoft only technology and Island RTL is a RemObjects only technology.
So, you can’t mix them.

You have to choose; Microsoft C# with Blazor or one of the RemObjects languages with Island WebAssembly.

What Theo said. Blazor runs .NET Core code (on top of Web Assembly), in the browser, our Island RTL is for use by native WebAssembly code compiled by Elements.

You can think of Blazor being to WebAssembly the same as “regular” .NET being to x86. In both cases, you have a managed .NET runtime that runs on top of a native CPU; you can’t directly access native-CPU libraries from .NET (leaving aside .NET Interop with P/Invoke, which doesnt apply hwere).

Our Island back-end compiles to the native CPU level — be it x86, for Windows (or other OSs), or WebAssembly for the browser. and Islands RTL lives at that level.

Our Echoes back-end (same as and Visual C#) compiles to .NET IL code, which then runs in the .NET runtime, in both cases, regular .NET and/or Blazor).

i hope that makes sense…

Thanks for your reply, understood…

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