Issue manually deploying Relativity Server


I have manually deployed Relativity Server to a Windows 2012 Server computer. I’m able to start it, open the server admin, and connect to the server. However, when the “Open in Schema Modeler button” the program reports that there are not programs installed to open this type of link.

What step have I missed?

Thank you,
Brian Wheatley


Obviously to open something in the Schema Modeler you have to have the Schema Modeler installed.

That said, there is no “Open in Schema Modeler button” in the Relativity server. The server itself has no GUI. The abovementioned button is present in the Relativity AdminTool that is a separate application that can be deployed separately if needed. This button in its turn launches Schema Modeler that is also a separate application shipped with Data Abstract.


It’s ok to deploy the Schema Modeler to our server?