Issue on upgrade from 8.3.93 to 9.2.101


(Russell Weetch) #1

I have just installed RemObjects Remoting SDK for Delphi -, into Tokyo and have an issue. Those project has compiled under a lot of previous versions but fails under 9.2.101. I have the legacy files installed.

I am getting the error [dcc32 Error] GroupsLib_Intf.pas(539): E2361 Cannot access private symbol TStoreTree.fChildren

I have 2 rodls so;

Rodl1 (BaseLib) has a complex object, TStoreTree, which contains an array (Children).

Rodl2 (GroupsLib) uses Rodl1 and has a complex object, TGroups which descends from TStoreTree.

The issue is in the autogenerated GroupsLib_intf unit in TGroupReadComplex where it has the call

if Self.int_Children <> l_Children then begin

Any ideas what I need to change?


(EvgenyK) #2

this issue was already fixed and will be present in next beta.


if Self.int_Children <> l_Children then begin
   Self.int_fChildren.Free;   //<<<<<<

for disabling auto-generation of _Intf you can update #ROGEN line in .dpr:

{#.ROGEN:BaseLibrary.rodl} // RemObjects: Careful, do not remove!

(Russell Weetch) #3

Thanks, when is the next release likely?

(EvgenyK) #4

usually we release beta weekly

(Russell Weetch) #5

Any scheduled release for the next beta yet?

(Russell Weetch) #6

Do you know when you expect the official release of 9.3 to be available?

(EvgenyK) #7

we are planning to release new 9.2 release with fixed bugs soon

(Russell Weetch) #8

Hi, Any update on this?

(EvgenyK) #9

9.2 RTM is planned this week