Issue Report: - TClassList alias lack in uRoClasses


(Giovanni) #1


it seems TClassList alias definition lack in uRoClasses.pas doesn’t permit uRoServer.pas unit module compilation

Hope this helps.


(EvgenyK) #2

weird, uROServer.pas doesn’t use TClassList definition at all.
what exactly setup you have installed? can you provide a full installer name, pls?

You could install DAD client edition instead of DAD server edition

(Giovanni) #3

Starting from I’ve upgdraded using RemObjects Data Abstract for Delphi - installation pack.

I’ve tried to compile, for example, RemObject_Server_D24.dpk using uRoServer.pas where _ServerClasses var is defined as TClassList.

(EvgenyK) #4

you have installed client version - it doesn’t contain server part. as a result, you have client part from 9.3, and server part from 9.1 …

you have to install Data Abstract for Delphi, Server Edition:

(Giovanni) #5

Ok, sorry for my mistake.

Thank you very much