Issue with SMALLINT Data Type in Relativity Server


I am currently using the most recent version of the Relativity Server and I have encountered an issue related to the handling of the SMALLINT data type.

In my application, I have tables with SMALLINT fields, specifically ‘FALTA1’, ‘FALTA2’, etc. When executing a script to retrieve and manipulate these fields, I noticed that the values of these fields were returned as {} instead of their actual integer values.

As a workaround, I changed the data type of these fields from SMALLINT to INTEGER in the Relativity Server, and the script worked correctly, returning the correct integer values. However, this is not a viable long-term solution for me as these fields are defined as SMALLINT in the database schema.

I would appreciate if you could provide some insight into why this might be happening and how to resolve this issue. Is this a known issue with the Relativity Server’s handling of the SMALLINT data type?




Logged as bugs://D19349.


our JavaScript engine for .NET doesn’t support SmallInt type yet. Will fix it

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bugs://D19349 was closed as fixed.


beta with this fix was released