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The other day I was working on a new feature in Fire, and as I was testing it, I saw this:

!> Message: Null Reference Exception for expression: self.@_searchField

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(JohnMoshakis) #2

Full dark mode rocks.

(marc hoffman) #3

Total coincidence, but this song (“Dark Night”) actually is playing right now :wink:


Amazing. Water IDE is very intuitive to use. Can’t wait to test out all the new things, cheers! :+1:

(arturredzko) #5

Water IDE gets it too?

(marc hoffman) #6

eventually, yes. not a top priority, as there’s more urgent stuff to do for v1, but eventually, yes.


I’m having some difficulty locating an example of this.

Diego wrote at the end of the blog post :

If you want check the two available demos on ElementsSamples/Oxygene/Island/GUI :

Basic WebAssembly GUI App
Basic WebAssembly GUI Controls App

It seems he is referring to the github page but I cannot find the example there, neither in the examples folder of the latest beta build.

(marc hoffman) #8

the samples are here:


Silly me, just a different folder :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

(Kazantsev Alexey) #10

Parameter modifier “params” what it is? In your documentation it is not described.

(Carlo Kok) #11

Hrmm indeed, that seems like a bit of an omission. I’ve added it at: (should show within 5 minutes after my reply)

params parameters

The optional params keyword can be used on the last parameter to capture all extra parameters in a single array. To use params, this parameter has to be a simple array.

method Write(a: String; params args: array of String);

Write('hello', 'this', 'world'); // a is 'hello', args is ['this', 'world']
Write('hello', 'world'); // a is 'hello', args is ['world']
Write('hello'); // a is 'hello', args is [] (empty array)

(Kazantsev Alexey) #12

Thank Carlo. Nice sugar :wink: