Java Locale Invariant error

I’m testing v10.0.0.2395 and found an error using method Convert.ToDoubleInvariant .
The problem is in Locale constructor and line :

var lCurrency := java.util.Currency.getInstance(java.util.Locale.ROOT);

that raises java.lang.IllegalArgumentException exception.

Should I report it on GitHub ?

Thanks, logged as bugs://82427

is this when running on Java or Android?

Java desktop but the code is common. I made a local patch in Locale.pas and it works :

  if (aLocaleID <> java.util.Locale.ROOT) then begin
    var lCurrency := java.util.Currency.getInstance(aLocaleID);
    fNumberFormat.Currency := lCurrency.getSymbol;
  end ;

bugs://82427 got closed with status fixed.