Java problems

Using the latest stable I cannot run the Java app. The Elements debugger process (VS subprocess) is recreating consuming whole memory:

and the VS hangs. This happens either on existing or new empty Java oxygene project.

On the other hand when trying to create a new project in Water, I get error :

When trying to open existing project:

I’m using the latest version

.NET projects work fine. In the previous version I had no issues with Java.
Using the latest VS 2022.
Please check.


Damn. i think I know what change caused this; fixing. I’ll pull 2827 from Stable.

Curious. This was a known issue we ran into something during this week’s debugger work (but for native apps, not Java), but it was supposed to have been fixed. I’ll have t checked on Tuesday by the debugger team. In the meantime, if you launch your app externally, does it run fine?

Yes, I can run the app manually.

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Logged as bugs://E26530. for the debugger issue

Both Water issues were indeed the same bug, and it’s fixed for vNext.

FHYI, i;ve pulled 2827 from release and replaced it with an updated build 2829, which has the Water fixes.

bugs://E26530 was closed as fixed.