Java settings in VS2019

Are these settings still available?

I’m using the latest preview build.

Hmm, i believe that’s was supposed to have been fixed for 2519… :(. I’ll reopen (Integration with Visual Studio 2015 and 2019 is the thread that originally reported that)

So are the property pages still broken in 2519? (Would prefer not to run the experiment if possible).

Apparently; I have reopened the issue for further investigation, but I haven’t retested myself yet.

Okiedoke. I’ll wait to hear more before downloading again.


The previous stable that we are using .2505 has almost all Elements property pages broken. In build 2519 I found only one for Java but this issue needs further investigation.

Thanx for the clarification; this helps!

Thanks, logged as bugs://84421

bugs://84421 got closed with status fixed.

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Is that correct (red squared)?

Shouldn’t be opposite (warnings<->errors)?