JDK download in documentation

For downloading and installing the Java SDK, the following link should be added in the documentation: https://adoptopenjdk.net/
Here, we can download an installer that does all the work, instead of manually copying the files in the right place and adding environment variables.

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Will update.

In addition, if you’re just doing Android dev, you. no lo ge need to install any JDK, with recent Elements, as it makes do with just the JRE thats contained in Android Studio.

The documentation says that we need to install the JDK:

Prerequisites and Emulators

To get started with Android development, you need to install the Java Development Kit and Android SDK, as outlined here (Fire) and here (Visual Studio).

Yes, I’m in the process of updating it to say you n o longer need it — but it wasn’t;t a huge priority for me, since installing there JDK does no harm, I’m thinking of it more as a minor improvement that you can now get away with not installing it…