Jupyter notebook kernel for Pascal?

Hi there!
Are there any plans to develop a Jupyter notebook kernel for Pascal? See also: https://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php?topic=38955.0

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Hi, from your link I take it you mean for Pascal Script, not Oxygene? I’m afraid there are no plans on doing such a thing for Pascal Script no.

To be honest I had never even heard of it and still don’t know what it is.

Hi Carlo,
Yes, I meant PascalScript. Jupyter notebooks are used every day by the average Data Scientist. I hope you will read the following article - and possibly even similar articles - and that you’ll then reconsider your plans: Pankaj Mathur on Jupyter notebooks

A Jupyter kernel for Pascal would allow Data Scientists and others to make use of the many good software packages written in Pascal. I myself e.g. make use of the SDL Component Suite developed by Hans Lohninger - but unfortunately it’s not yet possible in an interactive programming environment …

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How would that even work? PascalScript can’t compile SDL, fpc and Delphi can, so you’d need a full blown compiler for that?

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No. I doubt. Jupyter is great the way it is. Just adding a Pascal interpreter language to the web fronted will not make Jupyter better or more usable.

You can download Anaconda and wondering what’s missing?

In general RemObjects are well known to create software that related to Sisters of Mercy songs. You are right from this angle.

I also love the idea of integrating analytical or applications exhaustively relying on more advanced statistics on a scalable back-end but in end it’s your application that needs to integrate/attach at lower level than a notebook kernel.

Those who use Jupyter don’t Pascal. Maybe the other way around.

Feel free to have a look at APEX Data Solutions (former PAX Compiler). I have no idea what they are going to ship after years but we will get an insight in Q1/2019.

Should be a must. The kernel and client live in different processes and this decoupling between the client and kernel makes it possible to write kernels in any language. They communicate via messaging protocols (I think its 0MQ) implemented on top of network sockets and these messages are encoded in JSON in a text-based document format.
Like I did with the maXbox function GetDOSOutput(), stdin, out or error a kernel based on Free Pascal is in reach.