Just curious: Could I use command line to compile WPF using Silver - Water?

I am using Windows 10 x64.
Version of (Silver - Water) is

Could I compile my project, etc, by using command line?

It is because I plan to work on a small project that use WebView in WPF using Swift. I notice the HTML cannot load anything using Javascript. For example, create a link element, then set link.href to full path of a CSS file in harddisk. May be security reason, this method doesn’t work. So I may need Node.js + cssminify to combine all CSS files into one. Therefore, I THINK (Please correct me if I am wrong) it will be easiler to compile in command line. Or any suggestion?

Thank you very much!

Any Elements project an be compiled from the command line using ebuild.exe, yes. See https://docs.elementscompiler.com/EBuild/Building/ for details.

I don’t think any of this would have anything to do with whether your oprozetc was compiled from the command line or the IDE. I’m not familiar with the WebView control myself, but this seems more likely to either be a bug or a security setting with that control.

IIRC webview wraps the IE control; which defaults to IE6 (with a registry hack to ‘upgrade’ to a newer IE)