Keyboard events not redirected to visual plugin


We have had an ongoing issue with keyboard events not redirected to underlying visual plugins in our Delphi 7 application for some time. I would like to address this problem as our release window is approching in a few weeks.
It appears to be related to THYVCLCrossPlatformPanel not being focused and thus not catching and redirecting keyboard events which is it’s main purpose if my understanding is correct.
For more context, we use Hydra v6.2.101.1233 and the visual plugins are web browsers embedded in the main app.
The issue occurs when the main application lose focus, for example you click outside of it and when you click back in the visual plugin directly in the web browser rendered page the subsequent keyboard events are not catched. With Spy++ we could observe that THYVCLCrossPlatformPanel is not receiving any keyboard events and is not focused.
Is there a way to force focus on the THYVCLCrossPlatformPanel in this situation ?

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Can you create and attach a simple testcase that reproduced this behavior, pls?
you can drop email to support@ for keeping privacy.

.NET plugin can be included as .dll w/o sources.