Keyword "label" support

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The code I’m trying to compile with Oxygene uses a library which itself uses the keyword “label” (the alglib
not to name it).

As I’m not confident enough to “fix” the alglib code, I was wondering if you had plan to support the “label” keyword with the Delphi Compatibility Mode?

My apologies, I just found even if the “label” keyword is not supported, the concept is.
I just have to use some IFDEFs to “fix” the alglib code.

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Can you show a code fragment?

Of course, here it is.

procedure test;
label // keyword not recognized
    lbl_1, lbl_2;
lbl_1: // ";" expected here
    goto lbl_2;
lbl_2: // ";" expected here

This basic snippet raise 3 errors:

  • the keyword “label” is not recognized
  • Oxygene seems to be waiting for a semi-colon after “lbl_1:” and “lbl_2:”

Thanks. I’ll see what I can do. Elements doesn’t need the label syntax to do labels (just a: ; goto a).I’ll look into allowing it in compat mode.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84468

bugs://84468 got closed with status fixed.