Latest and DNX

(marc hoffman) #81

vNext will have this in the log:

D: Expanding Package System.Data.SqlClient:4.3.0.
W: Package System.Data.SqlClient:4.3.0 has no deliverable for this platform.
D: Expanding Package Libuv:1.9.1.

(JohnMoshakis) #82

With C# it lets me use the SqlConnection classes. I can send you that when I get home.

(marc hoffman) #83

Please. cam you also have a look at the System.Data.SqlClient package in your nugget cache folder (~/.nuget/packages) and see what that contains, and maybe zip it up for me?

(JohnMoshakis) #84

This is the .net core app (85.0 KB)

This is a link for my System.Data.SqlClient. It looks the same as your one

On the nuget page it talks about .net standard , I guess thats one I want.

(JohnMoshakis) #85

2116 from today seems to have broken .net core

I see this in the build log and its no longer finding references when I open the project

                   -> Task RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.ElementsProcessNuGetReferences started for Echoes.

E: File /Users/JohnMoshakis/Documents/develop/Echoes/ConsoleApplication23/obj/Debug/nuget/Microsoft.NETCore.App-1.1.1/App.nuspec not found
<- Task RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.ElementsProcessNuGetReferences failed with exception File /Users/JohnMoshakis/Documents/develop/Echoes/ConsoleApplication23/obj/Debug/nuget/Microsoft.NETCore.App-1.1.1/App.nuspec not found, took 0.0000s (0.8240s).

(marc hoffman) #86

thanx. will check tomorrow.

(marc hoffman) #87

Fixed for vNext, thanx. Regression from some fixes i made for Gradle in the shared base class.

(JohnMoshakis) #88

Thanks. Things are resolving again.

(JohnMoshakis) #89

Has the issue with SqlClient being added as a bug ?

Also is it possible to create a .net standard library ?