Launch of my Browser Based WASM Ap

My WASM project is going well. RemObjects is the best thing since Java Applets & outdoes Java Applets. Great job, RemObjects. I will be able to launch soon.

It launches fine from my test server, but I’m in a start-up & the guy responsible for our Co Web site has a problem & giving me a problem. He won’t let me alone. He has created (testing, not public yet) a WordPress based Web Site & he’s doing well with the standard text & images, etc of typical sites. He says the only way for our site to authenticate registered & paid users of my Ap is for my on-line, browser based, WASM Ap files to be “embedded” in WordPress, whatever that means. I think he said it runs from a standard folder, but authentication cannot be done unless it is embedded in WordPress. He’s paid some outfit or outfits for credit card payments & for paid registration authentication (might be separate companies) & the authentication rep says my WASM Ap must be “embedded” in WordPress but cannot tell him how.

  • Does anybody know anything about WordPress & Browser based WASM Aps? Since the server has so little to do with launching my Ap, I assume WordPress has the same problem with launching any on-line Ap, WASM or not & probably cannot authenticate a not embedded HTML/JS Browser Ap either.
  • I know nothing about “Authentication” services but assume this is a WordPress problem rather than a standard Linux Server Problem. Does anyone know?
  • I suggested we put the WASM AP on a separate Linux server & have the Authentication done there & skip WordPress except for a link to the Ap Server, but he doesn’t like that at all – our (“his”) Web site is WordPress, he knows it, he loves it, & insists we go to all efforts to “embed” my Ap into it. Any of you know any pros & cons to “embedding” in WordPress vs a separate server?

My Ap is technical, will be used infrequently by small numbers of STEM types & is little burden for any server, i.e. A separate server is cheap.

I own 1/2 the company so only 1 other investor will allow me to do it the best way & I do want to do it the best way. I’ve no problem with the WordPress site work & would not like to do that part over.

Thanks much, guys,

Let me try to answer this (I don’t know WordPress, but as it is in the end just a web environment, it should follow the same rules as others).

I think your wasm project is going to be called from the WordPress site - as a separate page.
If so, it can be “embedded” within the web server as a separate page - with the wasm directories below it.

Thanks, But I believe my Web Guy says it runs that way, but when a user runs it he can see the folder from which it came & directly launch it bypassing WordPress & any authentication. He’s further led to believe by his “Authentication” service provider it is more complicated than that. My quick Google of “embedding an on-line Ap into WordPress” provided no help as though no-one does that.

How I would approach this:

You can use parameters in the main routine of your WASM application, passing information from the html into the WASM.

The WASM page can than be called with a querystring containing a one-time session GUID from the WordPress site. When the WASM loads, you check for this ID on the server (this check will invalidate it, so it can’t be used twice). If the ID is ok, you run the WASM, otherwise you redirect to an “Unauthorized” page.

Just started research as we’ve a guy responsible who is involving me, damnit. But my first “Walk Thru” of a way to do it is to create a “Subscribers Only” folder (Walk Thru calls it a members only folder) & so no can access it but Authenticated members where the Authentication is done via a log-in page which sounds like I need do nothing to the WASM Ap & it would protect all folders under the Subscribers Only folder. Putting the chk in the WASM Ap does not protect other folders containing other data or Aps.

Now, then why is this not a simple thing to do with WordPress, or maybe it is?

As I said - I know next to nothing about WordPress, so someone else has to answer that question …

Edit: but your problem doesn’t seem to be WASM releated, but just related to any external html document in a WordPress site.

I’ve found a WordPress plugin which appears to solve the problem of WP being incompatible with on-line Aps:

However, a quick read drawback is it only accepts PayPal for payment & seems like it would be preferred to accept all credit cards as well.