Lazarus briefcase Test


I am now testing the briefcase function with my Application.
The Tables are downloaded but the Speed increase is not “visible”…
I mainly want to use the briefcase for reporting ( Fastreport ) but a Report generating takes quite some Time… ~3 Minutes with a local DB ( Firebird it takes 2 Sec )
I did Adapt anything from the Briefcase-Example.
How can i prevent the Application from going Online?

you can ask in GUI what data should be used: local or online and then connect to server if it is required

Is there a way to Monitor the Requests to the Server?
Something like:

you can use AQTime Standard shipped with Delphi.

Thank you for the Tipp, but i was looking for a solution to track down to long loading for the Report generation.

AQTime allows to detect what you are needed:

Did try to Analyze the Problem with the Tool…

The Problem is, i just see that the Report-Generating is taking a long time…

:joy:Just found it…
The Solution is:
Disable > moAllInOneFetch and others > See ScreenShot…

moAllInOneFetch isn’t set by default.
looks like, you have manually checked it.

If i gio back to the default Settings. ( moAllInOneFetch still disabled ) it takes again Forever.
With these Settings it is taking long: