License, subscription question

Previously, I understood that an active Elements subscription was needed to update to newer versions of Elements, but not needed to use versions acquired with a then active subscription. Is this still correct?

I’m asking this just to be sure due to this statement on the product download page:

An active Elements subscription is required to use Elements 10 builds from any channel.


The statement you quoted is correct. An active subscription is required to use Elements 10, much the same model as Microsoft Office 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud.

Different than those, the Elements command line compiler will continue working even after a subscription expires (so you can continue to re-build “legacy” projects if needed, even after yo choose to no longer subscribe, but for active development (ie IDE use), renewal is required.

hope that makes sense,

Is that also the case for Elements v9 ?

For Elements 9 and older, this was the case for the weekly (then “beta”) builds we shipped; official “release:” builds were perpetual and will keep working indefinitely, if covered by an expired license. Elements 10 ships only weekly builds, so that was a good fit to keep that model.


Thanks for that info. Was a release build?

Yes. Every build with an “odd” release number (“103” in this case) was a release build, every build with an even release number was a alpha/beta/gamma build (pre v10).

SO i will reopen this subject since my licence went away today and before i get myself a new one i wanted to open project with oxygene but it didnt let me.

Ours went away today, too. And getting a new one did not help. :rage:

Damian, Fredy,

can you define “went away”?

What version of Elements are you using and when does/did your license expire?

To re-iterate for any license with an even release number (the third of the four numbers in the version), and for every build of Elements 10 or later, you need an active license to use the product (the IDEs). If your license expired, you it will not be able to use it for those builds.

Any 9.x or older build with an odd release number (official non-beta releases) should keep working, provided you have a license that expired after the build is shipped and a license file that was created/downloaded after the build was shipped.

Note that the compiler will always keep working, any version, even if your license expired, so you will be able to compile your projects, 300 years from now (assuming you can still get a computer and OS that it can run on booted up ;).


  • — needs active license
  • — will be perpetual