Licensing Privileges

We currently have a Oxygene subscription license that includes a license count of 5 (LicenseCount=5).

Does this license allow a user to install Oxygene on more than one computer? As on a work computer and home computer? or would we need additional licenses?

Is there any option to install just the compiler on a “build” machine to create a published version that would not require an additional license?

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Hi Bill,

You can install Oxygene (and all our current products) on as many computers (real or VM) as you need, provided yunhave enough licenses to cover each named developer that uses the product.

With a license count of 5, in your case, five unique developers on your team can use Oxygene, no matter on which install. For example, Paul, Peter, Mary, Joe and Jil may use Oxygene. they could be sharing the same computer at times, or each have Oxygene installed on a dozen PCs and VMs — as long as only these five people use it. Greg cannot use Oxygene, even when Mary is off that week and her computer is idle, because Greg would be a sixth person using Oxygene.

Similarly, no explicit license is needed for the build machine, as long as that machine only builds the work of licensed users (ie Paul, Peter, Mary, Joe and Jil). If Greg was working in notepad or with a trial version and “abusing” the build machine to have his contributions built — once again — Greg would need a sixth license.

Does that make sense?


Yes, it does. That will fit our requirements sufficiently.

Thank you for the clarification.


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Any time!