Licensing requirements for redistributing WPF components built with free Silver using Visual Studio

We have built a few components for macOS Cocoa using Swift and xCode (closed source), without RemObjects tools. We plan to later rebuild them also for WPF. We see that Silver with Visual Studio support could actually be used to build WPF (.NET) binaries using Swift as code behind, but we also see that in order to use standard Swift types (like Int and so on) we would need to have Echoes.dll and Swift.dll included as references for our output .NET DLL.

We did check that Echoes and SwiftBaseLibrary are open source and require attribution when redistributed if built from their sources from GitHub, but we wonder how licensing works in case we would like to redistribute them with our own output .DLLs generated from Visual Studio from the Silver WPF project, being simply referenced from there (without using any RemObjects source code from GitHub).

Specifically, can we commercially redistribute these 2 DLLs royalty-free AND attribution-free, without purchasing a full Elements license (since Silver is free for commercial purposes)?

Note that we do consider paying for a license as well as we also agree that paid software is the correct way to develop best things, especially later if we’d implement new projects directly with RemObjects from start for multiple platforms and/or with more products (we think you have plenty of good ideas - from DA to supporting WebAssembly), so the question is for now just hypothetical/first phase of our possible collaboration.

(I haven’t found the answer in FAQs, documentation, etc. so I wrote here.)


Yes, you can redistribute these libraries royalty free and without attribution with deliverables compiled with our compiler. This applies whether you use the libraries as we ship them, or rebuild your own binary that compiles them from the github source.

that’d certainly be appreciated ;). every bit helps funding the ongoing development.