Linq GroupBy

I created a simple WPF project using Relativity Server and PCTrade database.

Using the statement below:

dataGrid.ItemsSource = new DataModule().DataAdapter.GetTable().GroupBy(it => it.Birthdate.Value.Month).Select(it => new { it.Key, Cnt = it.Count() });

the output data was not grouped on month (it seems that grouping occurs on the full date and not only on the month). I tried the same linq query on another project based on entity framework and it works as expected.

What am I missing?

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Unfortunately DateTime methods and properties like .Month, .Day, etc are calculated client-side. They cannot be used as a part of where or groupby conditions.

You mean that Data Abstract/Relativity Server is not able to perform that or it’s unlikely to do that?
For example, entity framework can translate that tree in a sql query with correct “group by” clause.

Also string Substring has the same behaviour.


we should either make that fail cleanly, or do the growing client side, then? it’d not good if it just groups by the wrong value, silently…

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You mean ‘string Substring’ in a group operation?

Actually, I can provide you a sample with workaround for this ‘Group By Month’ thing. Also I’ll take a deeper look to check if it is possible to add support for datepart methods in group conditions in a reasonable time. Will that work for you?

Yes, for example:
dgr.ItemsSource = context.GetTable< Workers >().GroupBy(it => it.WorkerName.Substring(0,1)).Select(it => new { it.Key, Cnt = it.Count() }).ToList();

Yes, that would be great to understand a common way that I can use to achieve that goal waiting for DA/RS’s code upgrade.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://79576

Take a look at this sample: (116.2 KB)
It uses MS SQL database with a table defined as

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Orders](
	[Id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
	[ObjectId] [int] NOT NULL,
	[CustmerId] [int] NOT NULL,
	[Date] [datetime] NOT NULL,
	[Id] ASC

Main points of interest are

  • How the statement of the OrdersEx table is defined
  • Flags set for the calculated field DateMonth
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Thank you for the workaround

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