Loading .net plugin in .net host application using plugin name attribute


I’m trying to port a delphi host application to .net host application. When I load delphi hydra modules, all plugins have their names as defined in plugin attributes. If I load .net hydra module, all plugins use .net namespace and class names. How can I create plugin instances using the plugin name attributes instead of the full namespace.class combination?


Could you tell which exactly Hydra version you are using?

Hydra version is

Could you explain more detailed what you want to achieve?

Well when using Delphi host, I can load plugins by knowing the plugin name (even if plugin module is written in .NET). I just need to specify hydra attributes for each plugin and that’s it.

When using C# for writing host application I no longer can load C# plugins by using their hydra attribute plugin name. I can load plugins from c# module only by providing the whole namespace.classname combination.

This issue has been fixed in the latest Hydra release.