Local Connection and threading

(estebanp) #1


Delphi Tokyo, RODA.

We use lots of services that use each other and use themselves internally.

When used internally they create instances of their proxies using a TROLocalChannel.

I noticed that whenever you execute a normal call from a proxy using another type of channel it causes a remote call which is received by the server and a new thread is spawn to respond to that call. Perfect.

On the case of TROLocalChannel I dont think the server spawns another thread to attend its internal call. Is that the case? I will expect the caller to remain on the thread where it was executed (could be the main thread or another) and I will have to deal with the logic of doing an async call or keep it there but once it “leaves” to the server it should spawn a thread to respond to it. Is that the case?

Thank you.


(EvgenyK) #2


request is executed immediately in the same thread w/o spawning additional threads.
this is as designed for local channels.