Looking for something like OnBeforeLineExec and OnAfterLineExec

I am writing a small IDE with Single Steps using the Demo.
Now I need an Event before and after a line is executed.
I would like to disable my Editor while the current Line is executed.
I found the OnLine Event but did not find out in what cases it is fired or how I can use it.
Any hints are welcome.

Greetins Klaus

You do want the OnLine event, but you have to use/enable Debugging to make it work. Also note it hits a lot of times. Doesn’t the IDE sample show a moving line when it runs?

Carlo, thank you for reply.
Of course debugging is enabled, and the IDE shows line movement - it is done in the OnLineInfo Event.

I have some Commands, which runs many Seconds, so I need a kind of visual Feedback. My Idea is, when the User steps through the Skript, the IDE shows “Executing” in the Statusbar and when the line is finished, it shows “Stop”.
Then he presses F8 again and “Executing” is displayed …

For this I am looking for events which were fired before and after a line is executed.
Or an Idea how to achieve this.


Yes. OnLineInfo is pretty much what you have to use for that.