Lookup field not showing FMX Binding MemberName list

Can’t get lookup field to show in FMX TBindingList / TLinkGridToDataSourceColumn / MemberName list.

Lookup field is in MasterTable. Using cloned table as datasource for grid, in cloned tables field collection lookup field shows.

All other fields what are in MasterTable show in list.

Any hints?


can you create a simple testcase that reproduces original issue, pls?

you can use our sqlite databases. they are placed in C:\Users\Public\Documents\RemObjects Samples\Database folder

Thanks, i create test case later when have time.

Created test case. Added to Products table LookUp field. It’s not showing at MemberName list.

Tryed to upload project files as zip but it was bigger size than allowed. Can i mail file?

pls remove .exe, .dcu, .map, .rsm files from archive.
usually archive should be is about 100 kb -1 mb

try to send it to support@


as for me, it works as expected:

RemObjectsPCTrade.zip (87.0 KB)

Yesterday i purchased TMS Software UI pack. In TMS Grid when linking data from DataSet with FNCGriddatabaseAdapter, lookupfield shows at designtime with live data in Grid. But at runtime it’s not visible when setting FNCGriddatabaseAdapters property AutoRemoveColumns to true. When it’s set to false, at runtime raises error that Field’’ is not found. So somehow lookup field gets lost at runtime?

I take look again code and set lookup field at runtime in code. If that doesn’t solve problem, i’ll wait Delphi 10.4, maybe with that problem vanishes?

Now remember when evaluating DA and made ToDo sample app, there i couldn’t get calculated field to work. I haven’t yet needed calculated field in my project, so not sure if problem with exists too.


design-time also works with std components:

note: for reaching this, you should call Make Call from popup menu of DADesigntimeCall1. this one allows to create session in Relativity so data will be accessible in design-time.

I have used Get Design-time data… from MemDatatable popup. Tested DADesigntimeCall also but no changes. And i need to call MemDataTable.Refresh method at runtime before data shows in grids.

why not just call table.open or table.Active := True?

Tested these also. With LiveBindings i sometimes get AV in design-time. And sometimes there’s no logic how LiveBindings works at design-time.


fortunately, LiveBinding isn’t our area

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