Making a ROServer in Delphi 12.1 for Linux 64


I am unclear whether one can build a working RemObjects server using just Delphi for Linux (without using Free Pascal).
I am aware that one can build a Linux Daemon in Delphi but I am not sure that all the ROxxx units will work in Linux environment. For example I can see in ROComboService.pas that it is only designed for MSWINDOWS.

So can I build a REMObjects Remoting server using only Delphi for Linux ???
If yes any pointers as to which ROxxx units one can use would be appreciated…

Looking at docs I see:

Delphi Servers

If you are using Free Pascal (FCP), you can also build and deploy Delphi Servers to Linux, but that scenario is not officially supported by RemObjects. Please refer to the available resources from the FPC community for more information, at



You can create console-based server that will work under Linux.

by other hand, you can use FPC sample example.
this is console based server that can be converted to Linux w/o any issues.

units that are designed only for Windows have code inside {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS}..{$ENDIF} section so don’t worry about them

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