"MANIFEST.MF already exists" error in .2415

I just updated from .2407 to .2415 and building my Android project now fails with error ...\Cooper-Android\predex-res\META-INF/MANIFEST.MF already exists.

Here’s the log from ebuild --debug.

debut-out.txt (1.5 MB)

Nothing really changed here on our end in weeks. could it be that META-INF/MANIFEST.MF maybe is read-one on disk, for some reason?

It’s not read-only, and I haven’t had this issue until moving to .2415, and when I downgraded back to .2407 it went away. I’ll try moving to .2409, .2411, .2413, etc., and see where the problem appears.

weird. can you delete the entire /obj folder? if it still persists, can you send me a concrete project that shows this?


Hmm tried deleting /obj but it didn’t work. I went back and upgraded in sequence, and the problem actually appears in .2411 (.2409 works fine).

Odd, I cannot reproduce this here. can you send me a project that shows this? Are you on Mac or Windows?

Meanwhile, I’ll review the change log between 2409 and 2411 to see what might have changed, if anything.

Can’t reproduce this Mac or Windows; reviewed the code, and while the zip extraction has been refactored a bit May 30, the current “extract all” is a black box form the zip library, same we used before, and EBuild even deletes the target folder beforehand.

I’ll really need a concrete project before I can take any further action here, sorry.

While working to get a reasonable test project to you, I think I stumbled across the magic switch. Including “Elements” as a project Reference with “Android Dex Mode” set to “PreDex” fails with this error every time.

Steps to reproduce:
-1. Create a new Android project.
-2. Add “Elements” as a project reference.
-3. Build in Release mode (since PreDex is the default setting in Release mode)
-3. Change “Android Dex Mode” to “PreDex” in Debug mode in project settings and then build in Debug mode.

Although I see that removing “Elements” fixes the error in my test project, but not in my actual project.

Can’t repro this on Mac, will try on Windows later/tomorrow.

Hi Marc, any update on this?

Not yet, the weekend got in the way, sorry.

Reproduced, yes. Seems to happen on Windows and with PreDex only. i’ll investigate - workaround for now: just use incremental.

Thanks Marc. I definitely understand, just checking in. I was getting a different build error when building incremental, but I forget what it was now and have called it quits for the day. I’ll look back into that tomorrow and see if I can get incremental working.


thanx, that’d be appreciated, as Incremental worked ok here.

i’ll get a new build up for you later today, so that either way you can get it working, tomorrow.

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Nice. I also noticed this error and I’m waiting for this fix.

Marc, here’s a test case for the failed build in Incremental mode. The build errors in my project are due to an issue with handling Android’s appcompat-v7 library. I created a new Android project and included appcompat-v7 and its required support-v4. Building the test project succeeds in PreDex but fails in Incremental. The project and build log are below.

(On a side note, the project is so large because I had to manually include the support and appcompat libraries. Adding them as Gradle references to a brand new project failed with 377 errors in either Incremental or PreDex. I’ll probably need to open a new issue for that, as I plan to move to Gradle references in my own project soon.)

inc_test_log.txt (26.2 KB)

Odd. this one too succeeds fine for me on Mac (but the error in your log doesn’t sound like it should be Mac/Windows-speciifc). Will test on Windows in a sec…

Please, yes, as that should work fine, too.

Compiles clean for me on Windows too. Going to retest with a newer build now JIC, but what i had installed was only a day older that .2417…

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