Mercury Compile error if Class implements more than one interface

I’m finally back to trying to convert some VB.NET projects to Mercury. I’m using, and I can replicate this issue in both Visual Studio and Water so I assume it is a compile / EBuild issue.

Here’s the scenario: If my class implements a single interface, all is well. But if it tries to implement a second interface, I get a compile error (END CLASS expected). I created a simple example project which I have attached. (621.1 KB)

If I comment out either of the “Implements Interface…” lines (and its associated property/method) then the compile works fine, but with both interfaces referenced in Class1, the compile fails.

Hopefully this isn’t too painful to address.


I’;m not sure both of these syntaxes are supposed to work or only yours, but as a workaround,

  Implements Interface1, Interface2

does work, right now.

Thanks, logged as bugs://85557

Marc - thanks for the heads up. That means I can keep working on switching this project over, to see if there are any other hidden issues lurking. :slight_smile: :smiley:


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bugs://85557 got closed with status fixed.