Method signature has been changed


I have a question about this signature changing. Is there any reason for that?

method Activate(clientId: Guid; enforceSessionCheck: Boolean; roles: array of String); public;

The doc is outdated.

Thank you.

Hi Anderson,

this was part of the enhanced attribute-based Roles support we’ve added with this release. I did not expect this to be a breaking change, but I see how it could be — I’ll review next week and see if I can find a way to mitigate this, for example by adding an overload.

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my apologies that I have not gotten around to reviewing this yet (and I most likely wont be until I;m back from my lavation I’m heading out for, next week). For now, the best approach is to adjust your code to match the new signature, if that is feasible…


Actually, should be fixed now; was easier than I thought, as this wasn’t actually something that’s user-overridable.

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