Microsoft.Data.SqlClient No deliverables for .net core 3.1


.net core console app, Targetframework netcore3.1 and Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 2.0.0 nuget. If I build I get

Package Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SNI.runtime:2.0.0 has no deliverable for platform ‘netcoreapp 3.1’.

On it says it supports version of .net core (920.7 KB)


What was it?

There is a warning that the package Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SNI.runtime has no deliverables

It looks to me as though one of the references is being used to distribute native dllsScreen Shot 2020-08-03 at 5.02.22 PM

I had added it as a reference to an azure function and thought it was the reason I wasnt able to connect to sql server but actually it was because I needed to do a publish when running.

It also works fine from a console app.