Microsoft.VisualBasic is not automatic imported

To reproduce, create a new project from the Mercury Console - .Net Framework template

Create this sub main:

Sub Main()
    WriteLn("Test" & vbTab & "the vbTab character")
End Sub

Compile the code, and you get the error:

I believe that’s as designed. We tried changing that a while back to attempt to fix some other issue, and IIRC all hell broke loose when we did, breaking all kinds of things.

In that case, the Mercury templates should have it as default use.

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Okay. I’ll add that

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WinForms already has


should I add there same set to all? (minus actual System.Windows.Forms in the non-WInForms ones)?

Yes, except for and System.Drawing - that is only needed for winforms.

Default imported in a framework Copnsole app (VB):

So that set is correct.

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