Minor iOS project template tweak

Fire,, using Cocoa Template "TableView Application (iOS) for Mercury with Use Elements RTL checked (although I’m guessing this is more broadly applicable).

The created project has these two highlighted lines in the RootViewController.vb file:

However, uncommenting those lines isn’t sufficient, you also have to remove the “As” in order for them to compile. Suggest that the “As” be removed.

There is also a similar line in the last Public Sub tableView in the file as well.

Obviously very, very minor.


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oops, fixed. wonder where that As come from, so I’ll check the other languages too (tempo;ates net translated from C# when I clone them, but since this is in comments, it woudltn be converted…

also fixed

    'Dim detailViewController = new DetailViewController withNibName("...", bundle: Nothing)
    ' ...
    ' pass the selected object to the new view controller.
    'navigationController.pushViewController(detailViewController, animated: True)

further down.