Missing DLL after a clean instalation of RemObjects components


We have facing a problem while opening Edit Service Library inside Visual Studio. This problems is affecting 2019 and 2022 version.

We did a clean installation, including removing all RemObjects.* from GAC, but the problem Persist

System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'Elements, Version=


Affects just few environments, others are just fine and work. According Bellow

OS: Windows 10
Visual Studio 2019 and 2022 (Lastest Version)
RO Versions:

Thank you.

Hmm. does Elements.dll not get deployed to the Bin folder that contains Service Builder, by the installer?


May You send me the directories file path?


Sure thing. This should be something like

C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\RemObjects SDK (Common)\Bin.

I have Elements.dll there, in my install.


May this be a problem?

Looks like the same of the error.


That does look like the right .dll and version. The date difference should not matter. Remoting SDK uses an older build of Elements when building on our CI system, as we don’t update that every week but only when we need the latest, so its normal that this is a few weeks or even months older.

It’s odd that it can’t find that .dll, if it is right next to the .exe, though. I’ll have to check in on this with my colleague, who unfortunately is off today and tomorrow for local holiday.

Can you try manually installing this in the GAC, if it is not? Also, could you kindy re-run setup for Data Abstract with the /log parameter and filename (run /? to see there exact syntax), so we can check in the log why (if) this is not getting GACed automatically for you?


If you’d like/prefer, i’d also be happy to TeamView onto your system and poke around myself for a bit to see what might be wrong, as this is very strange. You’d of course be able to see every step I’ll be doing.

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I see

In the environment that works, GAC is like

In the envidoment that doesn’t works, GAC is like

Thank you

I’ve installed the versions 2770 in GAC Manually and it works:



gacutil /i Elements.dll
gacutil /i Echoes.dll

Thank you.

Curious — but I’m glad it all works now! :muscle:t3:

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