Missing IHYVisualPlugin Interface in Hydra v6.6.0.1335 for Delphi

We recently upgraded from Hydra v6.1.97.1215 to v6.6.0.1335 and noticed that the uHYIntf unit, which included the IHYVisualPlugin interface, is no longer present. Our application heavily relies on this interface, and unfortunately, I can’t find any documentation or online resources to help adapt to the changes and refactoring.

Can anyone provide details on the changes to the IHYVisualPlugin interface in the new version? Is there anywhere on the internet where I can access older versions’ documentation?

Thanks for any help or insights!


In we do refactoring of units and names of units were changed.
I can suggest to you launch ...\Hydra for Delphi\Bin\HYConvert.exe that does batch renaming from old names to new ones.

check more at Breaking Changes

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