Missing locals

(JohnMoshakis) #1


In the attached example if I set a breakpoint in startup.pas on AddCarter and step into the method the locals is missing several items.

modules and validators is missing from locals.
CarterHelloWorldWebApp.zip (934.0 KB)

I downloaded the source from here https://github.com/CarterCommunity/Carter


(RemObjects) #2

Thanks, logged as bugs://81830

(Carlo Kok) #6

Hi. so I spent some more time on this. I checked the pdb too; it looks like the pdb doesn’t actually contain modules, it has a lot of variable names, but not modules (even when grepping it it doesnt’ contain it). so I think this must be an issue with compiling itself.

Scope OPEN 0 - END
* assemblies
* diagnostics
  Scope OPEN 141 - 173
  * validator
  Scope CLOSE
  Scope OPEN 252 - 296
  * module
  Scope CLOSE
  Scope OPEN 361 - 396
  * sch
  Scope CLOSE
  Scope OPEN 461 - 496
  * negotiatator
  Scope CLOSE

(RemObjects) #7

bugs://81830 got closed with status notfixable.

(JohnMoshakis) #8

ok. Thanks for having a look.