Mono 4.6.2 and System.Data.SqlClient

I think this worked before, I’m now getting unknown namespace and identifier for SqlConnection.

Its also showing (Implicit) against mscorlib and System.Core in the solution explorer.

John (37.6 KB)

Hmm, this seems familiar. but my guess is you’re just missing a reference. What .dll is this defined in?

That’s expected, if your project doesn’t have explicit references to these, since these two .dlls will always be referenced by the compiler internally. The only thing new(ish, few weeks) is that EBuild reports em back to the IDE and the IDE then shows them.

I’m going through my old examples, checking if they work. That’s probably why it seems familiar :slight_smile:

It should be in System.Data.SqlClient

Weird, the reference is there:

Resource file: /Users/mh/Library/Application Support/RemObjects/EBuild/Obj/DataConsoleApplication-AF980135-AA61-47C0-8C92-A4C9C604C641/Debug/Echoes/res/Properties\Resources.resources
Reference: /Users/mh/Code/Fire Support/_NETFramework/v4.6.2/mscorlib.dll
Reference: /Users/mh/Code/Fire Support/_NETFramework/v4.6.2/System.Core.dll
Reference: /Users/mh/Code/Fire Support/_NETFramework/v4.6.2/System.dll
Reference: /Users/mh/Library/Application Support/RemObjects/EBuild/Packages/NuGet/Dapper-1.50.4/lib/net451/Dapper.dll
Reference: /Users/mh/Library/Application Support/RemObjects/EBuild/Packages/NuGet/System.Data.SqlClient-4.4.2/lib/net461/System.Data.SqlClient.dll
Reference: /Users/mh/Library/Application Support/RemObjects/EBuild/Packages/NuGet/System.Reflection.TypeExtensions-4.4.0/lib/net461/System.Reflection.TypeExtensions.dll
Reference: /Users/mh/Code/Elements/Bin/RemObjects.Elements.Cirrus.dll

This issue seems to be back. I just downloaded the latest and is an unknown reference.

Any chance I could get a test case for this? FWIW Mono does not seem to ship with this dll — that’s not al Elements issue, that’s Mono, you need to use the System.Data.SqlClient NuGet package reference.