Multiple RemObjects servers sharing complex objects


I have a code-first RemObjects server running on .NET and want to connect it to an other code-first RemObjects server running on Delphi.

I have complex objects defined in the .NET server that I want to use on the Delphi server as well without redefining them manually.

I tried to do this by generating an interface file from the .NET server and include it in the Delphi server, but if I then generate the interface file from the Delphi server, the same objects will be defined again.

Is there a way to only generate the interface for the services, without the objects?

Or, is there a better way to share these objects between multiple servers without redefining them?


I can suggest to import your CodeFirst server to Service Builder as Edit->Import->Import Remoting SDK service ...
After this will be done you can generate correspondent .NET and Delphi units and include them to your projects as “shared units”. we use similar way in Data Abstract.

in Delphi codegen, you can use these settings:

Hi EvgenyK,

Thank you, this works exactly as I was hoping.

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